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Biography Of Kevin HART

Kevin HART is a talented American Stender and actor, who managed to become famous with a great sense of humor. He is not very tall, but does not hesitate to constantly sneer at this fact. The best works of Kevin HART recognized film “the trip”, “Half of the spy,” “Mission in Miami”, “Superhero movie”, “be strong” and “scary movie 3”.

The Childhood Of Kevin HART

Kevin HART born July 6 1979 in Philadelphia. Father very early abandoned the family so the mother was forced to raise her son alone. As a schoolboy, he was distinguished by diligent behavior and good grades. In 16 years, the young man received a certificate and enrolled in the Philadelphia Institute, temple.

However, two years later HART had to leave training because of an acute shortage of funds. To somehow to stay afloat, he worked as a Shoe salesman. However the young man knew he did not want life to stand behind the counter. He wanted to make people laugh, becoming a famous comedian. So in his spare time, Kevin was a regular at the auditions for various talent shows and humorous programs.

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Acting career of Kevin HART

In 2001, his wish partially came true – at one of the performances he was noticed by the producers of the Comedy television series “Undecided”. He inherited not the main role of a kid named Luke, but the project succeeded and Kevin liked the other influential producers. By the way, the show starred other future Hollywood stars: Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel.

In 2002, David Daniel, the Director of the criminal Comedy “Paper soldiers”, approved novice actor in a key role, which brought the first guy fans and fame. His character, Sean, an ordinary thief who is trying to rebuild their lives. And next year, HART went to a minor role in the third part of the cult teen Comedy “scary movie”. This movies a man considers a turning point in his career.

In 2004 Kevin with Ben Stiller and Jennifer aniston appeared in the Comedy drama “along came Polly”. The film introduces viewers with a naive insurance agent, his wife, who cheated on her husband right around the time the honeymoon, and with a slightly crazy childhood friend.

Queen HART – when I first was Somateria

In 2008, Andy Tennant, the Director of the Comedy “fool’s Gold”, “made” Kevin’s a leader of a criminal gang that hunts for treasure.

Despite a very busy schedule, HART did not forget the dream of becoming a famous comedian. In 2009, a man appeared in the Comedy show “Kevin HART: I’m a grown little man”, which impressed the audience with jokes about his height. In 2010, the actor along with NBA stars LeBron James and Shaquille O’neal appeared in another entertainment show “Kevin HART: Seriously funny”.

Kevin HART – Grandpa (excerpt from “Seriously funny”)

In 2011, the man got a key role in the Comedy “thirty-Five” tells the story of four friends who dream to build with their second halves of a perfect relationship. In parallel, he worked on another project “Laughing at my pain.” To please his fans, he visited with the concert program more than 90 cities. Kevin is such a talented comedian that, according to many critics, he was lucky to outshoot Eddie Murphy. The man became the first African American whose performances over the 2 days were sold tickets in excess of Kevin Hart Worth Over $1 million.

Queen HART I’m a grown little man (excerpt)

A new wave of popularity caught up with the actor in 2013 with the release of the movie “road trip”. This time Kevin turned into a silly guard who tries to prove his brother-that he is worthy to marry his beautiful sister. The role earned Kevin a number of prestigious awards from MTV. A few months Kevin has recorded his performance at the legendary Madison Square garden and released a new special called “Let me explain”.

Kevin HART in the show “Drinko”

From 2012 to 2015, the year Kevin won the award “Most valuable player of the match celebrities NBA”. In 2015, the man along with Josh Gad, kaley cuoco-Suiting and Affinal Crockett appeared in the title role in the Comedy “best man for hire”. His character was supposed to arrange the perfect wedding, but things did not go as planned…

Personal life Kevin HART

In 2003, the man tied his life by marriage with actress Torrei HART. In March 2005, came to light their wonderful Kevin Hart’s Daughter Heaven Leigh Hart. In late 2007, the family was born the son of Hendrix. However, in 2010, despite a longstanding warm relations and common children, HART divorced his wife. After that, all the free time he devoted to career, focused only on communication with children.

Kevin Hart Today.

In 2016, the long-awaited premiere Comedy “Mission to Miami”, where HART played a stupid security guard Ben, and rapper Ice Cube – a fearless police officer.

In June of the same year in rolling out the film “Half of a spy”, where the main role went to little HART and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

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